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Vision and Purpose of this Blog

Tips for Awakening Masters

Ascension Made Simple

Why You Often Feel Stuck, like a Stranger in a Strange Land?

  • That ever since you were a child you were frightened into believing that you are not good enough and somehow you had done something wrong.

  • ​​That you had to find a way of pleasing others to fit in and to be loved and feel safe.

  • That no matter what you have done, searching for something outside yourself, it could never work nor satisfy your yearning.

  • That your Soul Presence (Who You ARE) has never been fully present in your body.

  • That the fear that is in your body has kept you from being fully Present and becoming the Happy, Playful, Free Soul THAT YOU TRULY ARE.

  • That you are ready to make this (Divine) Union​ of Soul, fully Present in your Body.....NOW.

  • This coming together (Marriage) is called "Ascension"- Body and Soul as ONE

How this Blog will help You

  • My Life's work has been about helping people to REMEMBER these and many other beautiful Truths.

  • I am here to tell you that this is not complex nor difficult.

  • You do not have to know much about spirituality to achieve real change in your life

  • You do not have lead an exemplary life.

  • You do not have to live a monastic nor an isolated, separate life

  • You are not meant to be Perfect, but to be HAPPY ​

What you will Get from the Touch of Love Blog

  • Simple tools that anyone can use daily to make real shifts in your awareness

  • New directions in your life as you currently experience it

  • Prods, cajoling, pricking, and tickling you into your own visions of an open door and entirely new ways of Seeing, Doing, and Being

  • The Way is ageless, simple, unique, and Profound

  • It is New and yet as you walk it, IT will be as familiar to you as if you always Knew it. Because you always have. You simply FORGOT

  • I guarantee that if you walk with me for a while, with commitment to Yourself, you will become incredibly Happy.

The Fundamental Vision and Partnership of this Blog

  • We are dedicated to developing and holding the vision of the very deepest and loving of human intent.

  • We learn to fully and totally accept that all humans are Love Incarnate.

  • No matter what you think of yourself at this moment, and as you consciously take your place on the World Wide Web of Love, the true power to create Heaven on Earth is made manifest through You and us ALL.

  • You are awakening to the amazing potential of this New Way of Living and your own power to create the world you desire.

  • ​The chains of your old beliefs are falling away and a whole new reality awaits you. Much of what you experience as stress is nothing more than the mind habits (thought circuits of clinging to old stories about what you are not). The accompanying emotional baggage will make way for a new kind of pleasant tension, of unbounded excitement and joy, needing its expression in You. It is only stressful because you are a afraid of the Unknown.

  • Many others are still sleeping. We are not here to fix them but to show them how to live Happy exciting Lives. We allow them to wake gently, with care, and in their own way. We Love them and hold the space for them in our hearts. It is Time for you to take Your place.

Shine on Beloved Brothers and Sisters.

You are So Loved

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