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Love Thyself, Heal Thyself

If you want to see more Love in this world, in everything, then You have to BRING MORE LOVE TO EVERYTHING.

If you want to see more Love in the COLLECTIVE. You have to bring more Love to YOURSELF. You have to stop judging, analysing, and dramatising everything about yourself and bring more Love to Yourself. To love all aspects of your experience of all your energetic bodies and embodiment. To allow the experiences that come to you to play itself out as bodily and emotional “downers”, and mental confusion (unknowing), and in taking your Lovingness apply the same attitude and feelings to yourself that you would to a young traumatised child. Just embrace it close, gently, calmly, kindly and Love it.

When you can do this it will become easy to Know that no matter what event is playing out in the world events it requires that same Lovingness to heal and transform the traumas of Humanity that are arising now because they will leave when WE can Love them free without energizing in our mind.

Love Thyself, Heal Thyself. Child of God.

I So Love You

*************************** PS A simple formula. Feel it…….. Observe it……… Allow it……… Love it.

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