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Committed to Love 24/7.

In your Lovingness Constantly

What is 5D (the 5th Dimension)?

I have not come across anyone who has defined “5D” adequately though it is bandied about by so many. I am not innocent of this but when I use it I am NOT pointing to a place. I am pointing to a State of Being where PURE LOVE is the constant background of all experience and fear, grief and attachments are not at all present. It is NOT an identity, a badge we wear or define that sets us apart from anyone else. it is a state of BEING in which LOVE and LIGHT is behind, above, beyond, within and without Everything.

Can You be Totally Committed to LOVE?

There are no half measures you either commit yourself to becoming LOVE 24/7 or you don't yet. And there is no judgement of less or inferior here for we are all points of Light within the Mind of God (Source).And if you have jumped then you have accepted that you are multidimensional and that what you see about you with one eye is the breaking up and disintegration of the human version of 3D. (Note: I say "version" and not "removal" or "disappearance").And you cannot take your baggage with you. Fear does not exist in LOVE Beingness (5D). And thus the shit has hit the fan for everyone. No one is immune not you nor I.

So you are being given the choice, daily, no hourly, no every second, every choose Love or continue to play with a 1001 distractions that bind you to the old version of 3D. (Note: I say "version" and not "removal" or "disappearance" ).

Becoming Rich in the Possibilities of Life

If it is true that you are dropping all the identities that have defined you (as separated self) and limited your knowing of who you are, it is likely that you are also finding that there is no name, or group, or role or any other aspect of personality that strictly defines you. And if you are finding more and more place in the ‘no-thing-ness”, the void, the space between, the Divine neutrality of you, then you will be discovering that you can be anything you like.You are in fact Infinite Possibility, unlimited things you can imagine, Infinite opportunities to Know and an Infinity of experiences and aspects of Self.You Now become rich with Possibilities and without the preconceived notions of what you “should” be, everything is fresh, new and with an increasing depth and dimensions that were always possible and can be experienced because nothing is closed to you any more.

You Become the Change You Have Always Sought

And the magic is that as this happens for you others can no longer put you in a “box” and be in your Presence, or even ‘see’ you. because you no longer present anything to cling on to. You may even notice that people will look through you as if you are not even there, because you no longer exist in the reality that they are holding at that time. And so to stay in their company, as it were, a new version of them (5D and higher) has to turn up.

WE have no more time for ‘shams” because WE make no room for them in our living frequency space. And yet WE Love each and every one without any need for them to be other than they see themselves, because as We are All Infinite Possibility, they too are making their own unique and fantastically imagined journey back to Self.

I So Love You

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