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No Need to Prove Yourself to Anyone

Love is the Proof of Who You Are

You don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

This is a Biggy. If you Truly Honour who and what you are then you honour All of Creation and of course every other sentient Being. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Just be you and share yourself and what brings you peace and joy and Knowing. This is why I say often “SHINE ON”

Love always counts.

And humility goes hand in hand and is a Huge part of Shining. Your Shining happens whether you are “noticed” or not. “Behind the scenes” is just as powerful and effective as “out front”. Sharing is one thing, trying to be right, prove a point, convince others to see as you see, “fix” others, is something else.

If you have to argue with anyone you are in a lost cause. You have lost the plot, you are off centre. Give of yourself and trust the other to see what they need to see. Even if you are being “rejected”, that is OK, because that is the other’s seeing not your being. You are not always to know how your gift of sharing will touch the other. Just know that All Love always counts, and once expressed touches the Universe forever.

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