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On Creating Inner Resonance

New Ways of Being : On Creating Inner Resonance

The Discordant Waves of Learned Emotions

Reality can only be experienced fully through the emotions and feeling. This is the foundation of having a human planetary experience. Collectively, however, emotions have been used to imprison the human mind to a one dimensional perception of reality. Emotions are the experiencing of electro/magnetic impulses through certain pathways of the body triggered by neurochemical transmitters from the brain. When we react with the emotions of judgement or fear we repeat and strengthen agreement with the laws of this one dimensional reality held by the imprisoned collective consciousness (some call it the ‘matrix’). You judge when you hold any thought of what is good or bad, right or wrong. When you are in a place of non-judgement you are not allowing for the reality of any fragmentation or separation. All your choices become based on sensations of resonance. In the old human reality that is dissolving (fading, being drawn back into the void of your own knowing) much of the wave patterns of emotion have been discordant, out of phase with each other, scrambled and noisy.

Shifting from Self-Judgement to Self Love.

This “New Reality” we are shifting into requires us to consciously retrieve our coherent emotional carrier wave patterns. Simply put, taking the Love within your Heart and applying the overriding resonance you feel in every moment, and to reconfigure your seeing, ie., the reception (knowledge and wisdom) and transmission (love, imagination and creativity) from your balanced brain (Mind experience). You cannot make a judgement and experience Love at the same time. You can choose coherent emotional carrier waves of joy, or peace, or gratitude. It is up to you and if you are having difficulty it is simply a matter of beliefs of mind not to do so The creation of a new internal dialogue. The resonance is there you just have not listened to it. Look for the Echo, the feedback from within, it is always there within you in every moment in every circumstance. It is the returning of your Love filled Soul Song from Source (God). Shine On


PS Create a New Way of Speaking to and about Yourself.

Some have said to me “I truly wish I could get a handle on my emotions. They are crippling at times. ”The handle on your ("negative" ) emotions is old thought patterns. Circuits that go round and round in your mind. The trick is that in any given moment you can choose to watch your thoughts, your stories, rather than be them. That is be in Love and nonjudgement of self. In that watching you have moved to centre. At your centre, at the Heart of You, you can then begin to choose to look with the ‘Eyes of Love’. To talk to yourself with loving supportive nonjudgmental words as an angel would talk to you, because you can, because you are remembering the Sacredness of Life and thus the Sacredness of who You Are.An Angel Soul, a Star Being in the singularity of Love. Be patient and take your time. Every time you make this choice of stillness and Sacredness over mind chatter you are building new circuits connected to your Heart, to Love. Then the old patterns start to leave you because something deep and profound emerges in its place from deep within you. This is the "work". The only thing you need to do to find Yourself. It all boils down to how much do you Love and Trust who you really are? How much are you getting to Know that you are a mighty Soul of the vast Light of Creation? Can you let go enough of your thoughts to allow that Shining that you are to radiate through you.

I So believe in You.


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