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Some New Earth Alchemy

New Earth Alchemy

Of Orbs and Bubbles

Here is a simple powerful alchemy anyone can do. How excited you get when you see orbs knowing them as Beings of Joyous Presence. See in this picture how the each bubble encaptures within it, the surroundings, in a rainbow field, as it floats away.

Create and Inflate your Prayers

Why not blow some of your own bubbles.Quantum BUBBLES. Let them float off to dissolve into the ethers carrying your living Prayers.

  • Blow away each of your worries.

  • Blow out your Joy.

  • Blow out your dreams of New Earth into your world, on the breeze.

  • Blow out your prayers of healing for others.

  • Blow out your intentions for your ‘Highest’.

  • Blow out your Love for All That Is

Transform Your World

Watch how people enjoy the bubbles how they transform their moments.

Blow your Love into the wind and into the air that We ALL breathe.

I So Love You.


SHARE, SHARE, SHARE this MAGIC with EVERYONE !!! GOTO your local $2 shop or toy store and buy a simple bubble maker- or make your own.

Spread some special intentional Christmas magic.

Merry Christmas

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