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You are Expanding Everywhere

You are Expanding Everywhere

Your Being is Calling You

Love expands, unconditional love is Inclusive. Love is calling you from within every cell of body through the photon light being received in every DNA string throughout your physical body. Your Being is awakening within you. Love calls constantly from within you. “Respond to my song, Trust it, and let us dance the Truth of the Cosmos together as One, here and now”.

Love is Your Calling

So the only way you can express it is to share it, and so it grows in all directions, and as it grows you see it more everywhere, and as you see it more everywhere, it calls more from you of You.

It calls you to bursting, and thus you expand to express this calling, and you just want to Be More, to express more, and you can no longer help yourself because you see and experience nothing that is not love infused. And all that is not of your Soul song has to come up and leave because it beautifully shows you your forgetting and is replaced so naturally by who you are in your Lovingness.

Shine On

I So Love You



And always the tears. You smile, and bubble, and giggle, and laugh. You feel into, you sigh, and cry, and sob, and sometimes it “hurts” in a most compassionate delicious way. Your Heart is expanding in the beauty that is there from each and every tear. You are Magnificent.

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