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Create Your New Earth: Dream Big

Create Your New Earth: Dream Big

Your Previous Identity is Fading

Friends, do not mourn what you were. Your forgetfulness, your far away feelings, your frequent loss of purpose, your dropping of many old friendships and family ties are all perfectly normal. It is all part of the dissolving of your old identity to make room for the entirely New You. It is almost like when you arrived here in this life and you were fully aware but had no clue as to who you needed to be. You were simply You.

You are Experiencing Yourself as a 'Clean Slate'

Now you get to be simply You with your own clean slate rather than a slate that everyone else wrote on and you had to try to interpret. An empty vessel that can be filled with Anything at all that you can imagine and choose.

Dream Big

So Precious Souls you are not “waiting around”. You now have given yourself the ‘time’ to play with the infinite creating possibilities of your New Earth Dream. Dream Big and feel the Joy in it.

I So Love You

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