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Breaking Free of Family and Friend Attachments.

Breaking Free of Family and Friend Attachments.

Cutting Dependency Ties

Your awakening requires of you to stand on your own two feet. It requires you to know where you stand first. Thus you experienced isolation because, while this was a necessary part of ‘growing up’ to who you are, it requires the cutting of all the ties of dependency you have on others for what you truly desire. It requires a divorce from all your human contacts in order to reform them in the light of the new truth of you that is unfolding.

Conflict of Loyalty to Others Versus True to Oneself

This results in the grief of separating and a great guilt of the separation because you are in between the equal and opposing pressures of, honouring your loyalty and promises to care for others on the one hand, and honouring your commitment to be true to yourself on the other. All this is occurring in your mind and emotions and may not necessarily require any action to break any actual working relationship in your life. It is a process of learning to take charge of your life, your energy, not to change others. In fact it is only by cutting all the dramatic ties you have clung to for safety, that you will be able to reform the relationships you do have based on the truth of you and on your unconditional Lovingness.

The Price of Freedom is Feeling Alone

Love without conditions, love that will be there and has always been there, regardless of how the other is behaving. Love that truly allows the other their choices and has no judgement of their worth because your own worth and love of yourself does not depend on their approval anymore. The price of this turn around to freedom is the temporary and periodic feeling of being isolated, alone, and often misunderstood. It is necessary and universal at present and will come and go as you come to terms with yourself and make your now conscious connection to your new reality, your enhanced state of knowing and feeling. You are freeing yourself of all old, worn out emotional attachments.

The Deepening of Your Compassion

From the strength of knowing of the Love that You ARE, comes a deepening of your Love and Compassion for all. You are learning to stand tall fully grounded HERE and NOW. You are getting a real sense of standing on your own two feet without ‘props” but you are not alone. Millions of us are doing this same thing each in our own way and in this self healing, WE heal the world with LOVE.

Shine On I So Love You

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