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Cultivate the Watcher Within You

Cultivate the Watcher Within You

Duality thinking: Is it Possible to do without it?

Sometimes I have to chuckle to myself when I hear people say that we have to get beyond the reality (3D) of DUALITY. As if we could? You are HUman and living in the transition of a physical reality in transition of Gaia. You came here to experience 3D and you cannot experience it without contrast. Black/white/, on/off, here/there, this/that, now/then, etc, etc, etc….. Your mental mind cannot not exist without making a distinction between something and something else​

We Experience our World through Perceiving Contrast

And as we are evolving we are Remembering that we are much, much more. And to know that ‘More’ we have to own that there are other modes of perceiving, knowing and Being, that are beyond conception through mental processing. However Being Human requires that we have chosen to experience physicality through this contrast and all the ups and downs of feeling as we meet our experiences. So it is not about removing duality. It is about cultivating our “Watcher “ Knowing such that we stop taking ourselves so seriously because it is all just experience and it is through the contrast and Loving the journey that we make Peace with ourselves and with All Life. Silly Human.

As God Source You are here to Play in the Reality of Contrast

Don’t you Know that you are GOD SOURCE and are Creating this great opportunity to experience whatever you like whatever will take you back into the depth of Your Innocent, Compassionate, and Playful SELF. I So Love You

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