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Drop All Your Old Habitual Thoughts

Drop All Your Old Habitual Thoughts

Ascension is Simply a Natural Unfolding of Who You Really Are.

Drop all your habitual thoughts and thoughts that you are not going to make your Ascension. You ARE already THERE (HERE). If you have intended to expand (to ascend) then you HAVE. It is just a simple matter of opening your eyes to go with the opening of your Heart. Of remembering.

Looking at someone else's journey is fine but remember your journey is your journey. It is you and it is unique.

There is the Law of your own ascension, a simple unfolding and emergence of You.

You are Now Transforming to Butterfly From the chrysalis of your solidification has emerged this most gorgeous butterfly (YOU) whose wings are unfolding and drying. The full beauty is on the verge of becoming fully visible to you and to all Creation. Be patient, and loving, and trusting with your own process.

And sweet Brothers and Sisters do not give way to doubting yourselves or your own unique unfolding. I So Love You



In Chrysalis form it can feel like "Mush". We are in the stage of chrysalis. Do you feel like "mush" sometimes? Of course because if you were to cut open a chrysalis all you would see is like a "gene and cellular soup". But a most magnificent reintegration is taking place. And look what will emerge.

Let the Divine You Do All the Heavy Lifting

How could you conceive of the beauty of a butterfly from the amorphous "soup". Let your Divine nature take its course. Get out of your own way. Allow the Law of your own ascension to unfold. Get on with what is in front of you and allow the Divine to do all the ‘heavy lifting”.

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