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Love Everything That You Are Including Your Ego

Love Everything That You Are

Should I Rid Myself of Ego Altogether?

A message from a friend. “I've thrown away totally my ego, it is a thing of the past & life has been awesome since however, in my dreams, whilst asleep the ego is still within my character ? Is this a message or do I have to work much harder during meditation to rid the ego entirely ??”

Ego is There as a Constant Reminder

You cannot rid yourself of ego. It is a Divine seed you have allowed to be planted in your consciousness in order to negotiate this densest reality having been given free will. It is there to constantly remind you when you feel disconnected to Source. It is a beautiful aspect of your expression, as you are in human form, that gives you a sense of individuality. It reminds you when you separate yourself and isolate yourself from that which is within and around you, that which you are Eternally.

Ego Presence is a Wake Up Call for Being Out of Alignment

How would you have known that there was something other than what you were experiencing when you were travelling in darkness? Your ego has been ever pressing you into the experience of separation in order for you to wake up. To seek for something else, to make connection to All That Is. So you see my dear brother, that it has been your lifeline and is most beloved. And when it arises, give thanks that it is there to immediately point the way, when you are not where you feel most "at Home".

Your Dreams Wake You from Your Non Alignment

And you see how clever you are because in your dream you have played out the separation you are making and the ego is asking you to acknowledge it as an aspect of you that tells you when you are not on song. As long as you are in human form and beyond you will have Ego. You will just become quicker and quicker at recognising when you are there in disconnection by its presence, until you will do it in a Flash. And because you know what being "in ego" is, you will have the connection, through that Knowing to the understanding, and the Compassion for every other Being that is identifying with their ego and feeling disconnected. Be afraid no more of this beloved seed truth marker in you.

I So Love You *************************** PS Your Point of Viewing and Multiple Possibilities

There is an inflow and an outflow. This is the way of creation. There is moving from centre outwards in all directions, like an expanding circle, and there is an inflow from all directions back to centre. And when you are in outflow there are an infinite number of points or places you can be conscious of in that circle of outpouring. When you walk in that world you experience from a point. It is your point of viewing. It is a “place you have chosen to view from. And it is ego that allows you to stop for a moment to take in the view.

Getting Unstuck.

But when you begin to take that view as reality, as all there is then you get “stuck”. You become fixed because you are identifying that reality, YOU, as being the only point of view. This is your ego in operation and it allows you to “apparently” stay in the one place for as long as you wish to be there. We are what we identify with. When you meditate or are centered, or choose your Lovingness, you are in Heart. The infinite stillness of Being in its inflow and infinite embrace of Love in its outflow. As a human being the ego seed is still present but dormant. It is only when you take a point of view and identify with it as being YOU, that you are “in ego”. And it is this sense of a singular point of view, this ego state, that reminds you that you are stuck or over identifying with where you are or “what you are all about”.

Make Your Move

Simply STEP BACK to your Heart even for a moment and the “point of viewing” changes. Ego fades and sleeps easy.

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