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Be Open for Miracles

Notice the Miracles in Your Life

Miracles do not really happen in time

Miracles do not really happen in time. Miracles happen in the space between. They happen when you make a shift into an alternative reality, a different version of yourself.

Shifts are possible only in the spaces. They cannot be contrived. They are in Allowance. And they appear as a miracle because you do not recognise how you have become this other person that you now are. Thus you do not need to understand how


Allow for Your Emotional Healing

Your job is to allow for the emotional healing of the challenge you are experiencing. Then the shift occurs. The shift to an alternative reality where you never had the challenge in the first place. The more you relax and allow, and with awareness, make and live your choices, the more the shifts and the more the miracles.

Wishing you Heaven in your Heart, Starlight in your Soul, and Miracles in your Life.

I So Love You

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