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The Real Secret

When you Let Go of the Old Something Better Arrives.

Let Go………Surrender.

A huge key to letting go is knowing that life will give you something better than whatever it asks you to give up. It is the secret of being fearless, of being at peace with yourself.

When you realise that life is one beautiful whole movement, a flow that cannot contradict itself, that is not in conflict with anything it does within itself. That we as human beings, all of us, have the ground of that very stuff within our Soul….. Essence, Divine Light, Holy Spirit, call it what you like.

We resist things, we try to control them, simply because we think that life has come to take something away if we do not hold on tight to it. This was an implant of long ago, it is a downright lie, and you must remove it forever in every twisted belief that is reflected back at you.

In a way, Yes, in the Presence of Love, something IS removed from you but IT gives to you always something More. Something that tells you that what you are is as seed to the flower. Life comes along to disturb you into new possibilities through your recognition of your Higher Being and Higher Purpose. Through the experience of the indescribable joy of the expansion of your own Lovingness.

Drop the Doubt in Yourself As for your doubts, first you learn to ignore and step back from them. Then, seeing the doubts pop up, you choose to smile and say “no thankyou”. You take your own Knowing in the first 3 seconds of its appearance and begin consciously choosing the thoughts and feelings that reflect the deep core of who you are.

Then you see the doubts float away by becoming fewer and fewer and less and less consequential.

Eventually they will only impinge if you happen to focus deliberately.

Knowing that life will give you something better than whatever it asks you to give up, is the same knowing you discover that when you let go with love, more of the most exquisite and exhilarating experience of love, synchronicity, harmony, peace and loving connection flows through and around you.

You see it everywhere and all becomes so easy.

Shine On

I So Love You

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