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Drop the Battle with Your Ego

Befriend Your Ego

Your ego is beautifully designed

The ego is the warrior that warns of not self, the presence of illusion, or the arrogance of greater value and power to yourself than others. Your ego is a beautifully designed aspect of you that reminds you who you are not, until such time you gently lay it to rest as a silent neutral gem within your Soul.

Stop making everything within you an ‘enemy’.

Trust where your Source, your Being is taking you. Detach from outcomes allowing things to just come to you. No longer the person who is making things happen. You are simply allowing them to show up magically and you play, and dance amongst it all enjoying and savouring the experiences. All fight has gone and the trying to “make it” is over.

You came here with a song to sing. To enjoy life, to be free and to live in peace. I know it is hard for you to believe when something opposes you but even that fades when you give up your resistance. Let life lead you for a while. Shine On

I So Love You

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