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Nothing is As it First Appears

Nothing is As it First Appears

A stone and I are one. The stone is solid, impenetrable, and firm, the Master said to the dreamer as he caressed the sand around the small rock. The dreamer put her hand into the sand to feel what he felt. With great care he lifted the stone out of the sand and held it in his hand. He raised his hand to the sky and looked lovingly at the stone. As she watched him she noticed that the grey stone had miraculously become a ruby. A beautiful crystalline form. Light bounced within it and from it but only as long as it was in his hand. “The stone and I are one” said the Master. “it rests in the ground, damp, dormant alone, yet in my hand, the hand of Love, it becomes a glorious and precious piece incapable of being anything less than magnificent. All walk by the plain stone, yet all want the precious ruby. They do not want to appreciate it, only to own it. There is one simple law of Love to obey dreamer. That is to Love the stone before one knows it is a ruby.”

Become the Lover

And I say to you dear reader, if you would be a ‘teacher, a healer” then it is to be as a Lover. A Lover before the Alter of God, which is the World as you find it. When someone comes to you, you see through the pain, the hurt, the confusion, the apparent disconnectedness. You see, sense, feel, and know the Precious Soul that honours you with their Presence. And you hold totally the space for you both to be, with your Love, just as you might hold the stone till you can only see and feel the ruby emerge. It is my honour to share this gift. Thankyou, I So Love You

******************** PS.

Your Relationship with the Divine that You ARE.

It is your love, respect, reverence, and joy that magnetizes the rocks and crystals you play with. It is your Lemurian/Atlantean heritage free of the possession, spiritual arrogance, and “power over” that was the human downfall of those times. The power is in your inner relationship with these Divine Gifts of Nova Earth’s transmutation in form. It is the Promise of your own transmution that is now occuring in your own Divine form through this beautiful symbiotic relationship you have with Stone. Stone and Bone what is the difference?

Can you reconstruct that same love you have for stone with your own bone that in your Highest consciousness you have created for your very own ‘walk” with Gaia.

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