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Blue Star 11:11 Gateway

Have You seen 11:11 on a clock frequently?

The prophesy of the appearance of the blue star that was made back by the Mayans and the American Indian peoples and others. We have been receiving the Tsunami of Love from the Mother for some time now. How do you know it has penetrated you and fills you/?

Try this Close your eyes, Hand on your heart.

Take three deep and gentle breaths of gold.

Feel it rise and expand out the top of your head as you go up into the dark blue space above you, above the Earth and some way to the moon.

Look back at your beloved Earth. And what of the blue Star that was prophesised? Out here in space as you will look back, from 3D what you will see is a brilliant Blue Crystal Star. It is Nova Earth in Her radiant birthing.

How simply awesome, we are being renewed together.

Shine On

I So Love You ***********************

PS. And daily watch YOUR WORLD with the eyes of Love (the 5th dimension) and it appears much like it did before but with a new Shine.

Watch what is happening to people over the months (each year is like 200-300 years in the old time, ‘stretched’ time). And your job is to consciously ground often and live in your joy, your Smile, your chuckle, your sublime Contentment wherever you are whatever is happening. To connect your Shine to the blue/silver translucent Radiance of the Core of Earth the heart of Gaia. To begin to feel the pulsing of your own blood stream as the pulsing throbbing Heartbeat of Nova Earth. Watch what happens to your ability to see and hear. Watch what happens to your ability to heal. Just be open to it all and Love it.

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