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You are Never Alone

To those who feel in the need of steady company at this time of reading.

We are Never Alone.

When we feel rejected, unloved, alone and isolated those are the times that our guides and angels, which have always been with us, are very close. Now you have us here, all those who have read this blog, human angels standing beside each other and beside you as you take your next steps. Though you are on the internet, your thoughts and feelings of connection here connect you to our collective harmony in the quantum field. And each connection adds to the total energetic of our combined intentions and input. I venture to say that there is not one who visits here and who read this so far who would not offer a helping hand to others.

You are So Loved for Being Here.

You are loved beyond your present conception, and how courageous you have been to forget that you are totally worthy, loveable, and loving. Courageous to come here to Earth to experience all the unkind lies told to you about yourself, and to carry in your subconscious, all the lies told to your ancestors of their unworthiness. So now you are letting go of this entire illusion by undoing the unkind lies you are saying to yourself.

Feel us all gathered around you for it is the reality of our Shining and it is the reality of yours when you feel raised up.

Let all the past limitations go now, it is time.

No recriminations, no long analysis just the simple act of noticing and replacing the beliefs with the true remembrance of who you are. Love incarnate.

An Attitude of Gratitude and Surrender.

Let the tears come not for self pity but in release and thankfulness for the Knowing.

Allow the healing of the past to Present. And as you do so your compassion grows and you bring back the feeling and aliveness that was submerged under the pain.

This is Self-love and the love of reconnection returning to Oneness. Feel your Shine as we all draw closer.

I So Love You *********************** Practice

Put your hand on your heart (middle upper chest). Breathe deeply and easily and just allow the sensations to come.

You will feel a warmth rising up the back of your neck and up and out the top of your head. Be with it. This is the Presence of our Loving you and the Love that is in your Heart. It is your benediction any time you wish to take it.

Centering, harmonizing and transforming. It is real and it is Present always and it is your proof that you are absolutely on track

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