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Let's Write & Publish

a Book  in 6 Weeks 


What Will We Do?

I intend that everyone who joins this group will complete
and it will be more than you expect or hope for.

In a Nutshell.

1. You will be writing an eBook to publish on Amazon Kindle.

2. I will be pointing you through the process step by step.

3. The course will run for 6 weeks.

4. Everyone joining the course will start on the ‘same page’ at the same time.

5. I will setup a Closed dedicated FB Group Page that on enrolling in the course you will Join.

6. Both, all my input and yours, will be laid out on that Page so that everything shared will be available to all.

7. I will present a Live session for each of the 6 weeks giving you what to do and how to do it.  There may be more than one video depending on the needs of the group.

8. You will share on our Page from time to time, what you are doing, any questions or calls for points of information that will help you stay on task, and examples of your work or ideas. This will include asking others for any input, feedback, or constructive suggestions that will spur you on in any way.

You will not be aiming to write the final and definitive work on anything, whether you choose to write fiction or nonfiction. You will be writing about something that is of value to you and the readers you have in mind.

The course does not include anything about marketing your book. That is totally another ballgame. It will include some points on how to position your work to have a better chance of being noticed.

Regardless of all the thoughts you have had about the difficulty of creating a book I am here to “throw down the gauntlet”

and I DARE YOU to rise to this challenge.

What is the Cost of the Course?

I ask you to make a donation through my website at .

You will work that out for yourself, what it is worth and what you can afford? I do not want to preclude anyone.
It is what we in New Zealand call “Koha”. When I, the host, invite you to my place, you in turn bring a gift of respect and love for our shared exchange. That gift can be anything of value to you. It can be money, or time and skill of service or anything that you think will be of value to the host (often food if it is a face to face gathering).
Let me iterate. I desire that no-one who sincerely wants to commit themselves to this creation, is excluded. This is My New Earth directive – Abundance for ALL.


NOTE: Donating some of your time could be an option. For example, acting as a resource person for members by using a skill you have to act as an editor or reviewer, doing artwork, or graphic work for  illustrations or book covers, finding appropriate royalty free images, etc.
If you know how to use Google Adwords, you could help members get good words or phrases and keywords for their book title and description.If you have already published you could help members with their book descriptions. 
Just let me know through email when you apply to join, what you are prepared to offer as Koha.


Memembership Options

Membership Options

$20 USD/monthly


$167 USD/yearly

(30% Discount)


You can make payments via Credit Card by joining PayPal (It's Free!), and then simply choose the credit card option when paying.

Once you complete your payment, you will be taken to a private Facebook Group called Bridge to Ascension Membership Group. This is where the content will be posted in the feed and in the file section in the left hand column.
There is also a second closed group FB page entitled "Multidimensional Explorations" that you will be eligible to join.


If for some reason you are unable to request to join the group or you do not get re-directed, please contact administrator Nicky at and he will be able to fix the error and have you added to the group.


I  so look forward to seeing you.


See you on the inside, soon!

About Nicky

Dr Nicky Hamid (MA., PhD., Dip Tchg.)

Dubbed by his students: “The Professor of Happiness”

Nicky has taught psychology, self-awareness, and been an International spiritual mentor while maintaining a clinical practice for over fifty years and has conducted spiritual and awareness retreats and workshops in many countries including USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China and India.

Nicky completed his Ph.D in psychology in record time and has taught at universities for over thirty years, publishing over 100 research papers. He left his long time position as a Professor of Psychology in order to write, lecture, hold workshops and mentor self-exploration for happiness and wholeness.


He has become an internationally renowned Ascension Way-shower.


The underlying theme with all he does is with the “touch of love”. He is passionate about self-empowerment and your finding your own connectedness to Source and your natural propensity to be happy.


Nicky heals with words and has always had the ability to read where a person is coming from and what is the next step they could take towards their own happiness. He also reads the HUMan Collective Mind and has an uncanny ability to present what the highest common factor of what Humanity is asking about. He has been posting his extremely popular writings almost every day on FB for the last 8 years.


He is unashamedly on a mission to share his gift of Remembering with anyone who asks. His message is one of the power of remembering who you are, the power of loving, and the power of the touch of kindness. He says “If you speak with me I guarantee you will leave happier than when you came. This is what All HUmans Beings can do”.

About Nicky



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