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for conscious ascension

What Will We Do?

REMEMBER is about the simple Truth that you ARE everything you need.
  • That there is nothing missing for you to fall in Love and become Incredibly Happy.

  • That the Truth is very simple.

  • That the only problem you ever have is that you FORGET and get out of alignment with the highest you can be.

  • That you can REMEMBERING 24/7 through building a consciousness bridge with simple and enjoyable action REMINDERS.


REMEMBER is a Self Paced 
Awareness Course

This course is specifically designed to offer you a place to share your Ascension Journey with a like-minded Soul Tribe each dedicated to their own Remembering.

Vision & Mission

The Purpose of this Membership course is to provide Heartspace for you to Remember, on a daily basis, what you already know but either forgot you Knew, or keep forgetting what you Remember that is important to you for bringing you totally on line in your Love for Yourself, the excitement of the adventure you are on, and the Joy of sharing with others who truly “Get You”.

How Will We Do It?

Nicky as Founder and Facilitator, will be there to guide the ship as it were. To provide food and water for the journey and to point to where the winds are blowing and the stars are favorable. However, you as members will determine what adventures you will have as WE stop at ports along the way.


As you visit various ports of call (Content topics) you will be able to go off into your own realms and to come back on board and compare your adventures with the Soul Tribe.We encourage quiet private journeys as well as the sharing of experience.

How Will the Content be Delivered?

  • Two Facebook Private Pages- One for sharing the Course materials and your discussions, and one for the deeper explorations of your experiences and creative explorations.

    That the Truth is very simple.

  • Ebooks, practical guides, and fun journals for expanded vision.

  • Monthly Video Q & A.

  • Exclusive Audios and Videos for meditation, contemplation and the expansive exploration

  • of new ideas.

What Does the

Membership Include?


Soul Alignment

Ascension symptoms: being at Home with yourself, within your own body (Descension) and maintaining your connection to Source and our Beloved Planet without ‘floating off’.


Developing Connection

Growing new pathways in your evolving DNA and neural circuits -from Soul into embodiment – utilising an inbuilt cycle to Thought Creation, Freedom, and Joy.



Being “here Now”- feeling the fullness of yourself in this now world without the separation and wanting to be “somewhere else”. SOUL Self as connected to All. Going deeper into the experience of being grounded.


Creative Expression

and the materialisation of your Joy, Passions and Play.


Meditation Made Easy

To experience more the profound stillness in your own Presence and the Knowing of your Sacred Masculine Power and Feminine Creative Grace, as One Flow. 



Its importance and how to creatively use it as a bridge from multidimensional consciousness and your everyday waking state.


Multidimensional Realities

Nature kingdoms, Elementals, Star Beings,- Language of Light – City of Central Earth, and of Light, and the Temples of Heaven. How we are becoming Multidimenioal Beings.




by Dr Nicky Hamid, Professor of Happiness

Joey, UK

“By going deeper into myself through the guidance Nicky has laid out I no longer have any fear of what arises. Only recognition of the opportunity to allow and love whatever is arising. I see and feel how it is already inside myself I just needed some guidance to fully comprehend it. Wonderful. Thank you.”

Christine, Switzerland

"I have waited many years to find such a mentor as Nicky Hamid. This journey (course) he is leading is the most enlightening and wonderful offering. He has attracted an incredible group of people who are open and willing to share for our collective good. There is so much love and power being generated every day. The cost is so small... for what we have already received I have had more than I thought possible and we have only just begun. Everything is at your own pace but if you engage fully from the beginning you will quickly flourish in your awakening and love of self. I recommend this to is the greatest gift and blessing of self-discovery on the road to wholeness...thank you so much Nicky."

Mary, USA

“ I truly appreciate what you do! The content you are supplying is incredible and so very helpful. I especially like the "no pressure" because I pressure myself quite enough. It's a bit disconcerting to realize how much I procrastinate and guilt myself. I am hoping to learn to be in the Now and go with the flow. I see so much love expressed here and I am at a loss for words of my own. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.“




Memembership Options

Membership Options

$20 USD/monthly


$167 USD/yearly

(30% Discount)


You can make payments via Credit Card by joining PayPal (It's Free!), and then simply choose the credit card option when paying.

Once you complete your payment, you will be taken to a private Facebook Group called Bridge to Ascension Membership Group. This is where the content will be posted in the feed and in the file section in the left hand column.
There is also a second closed group FB page entitled "Multidimensional Explorations" that you will be eligible to join.


If for some reason you are unable to request to join the group or you do not get re-directed, please contact my administrator Nicky at and he will be able to fix the error and have you added to the group.


WE all so look forward to seeing you in the Tribe!.


See you on the inside, soon!

The first Week Content is already waiting for you!

Regardless of your decision to join or not,

have a Brilliant 2018.


With my Love and Honour of You and

the Beautiful Truth You Are,


I So Love You.


About Nicky

Dr Nicky Hamid (MA., PhD., Dip Tchg.)

Dubbed by his students: “The Professor of Happiness”

Nicky has taught psychology, self-awareness, and been an International spiritual mentor while maintaining a clinical practice for over fifty years and has conducted spiritual and awareness retreats and workshops in many countries including USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China and India.

Nicky completed his Ph.D in psychology in record time and has taught at universities for over thirty years, publishing over 100 research papers. He left his long time position as a Professor of Psychology in order to write, lecture, hold workshops and mentor self-exploration for happiness and wholeness.


He has become an internationally renowned Ascension Way-shower.


The underlying theme with all he does is with the “touch of love”. He is passionate about self-empowerment and your finding your own connectedness to Source and your natural propensity to be happy.


Nicky heals with words and has always had the ability to read where a person is coming from and what is the next step they could take towards their own happiness. He also reads the HUMan Collective Mind and has an uncanny ability to present what the highest common factor of what Humanity is asking about. He has been posting his extremely popular writings almost every day on FB for the last 8 years.


He is unashamedly on a mission to share his gift of Remembering with anyone who asks. His message is one of the power of remembering who you are, the power of loving, and the power of the touch of kindness. He says “If you speak with me I guarantee you will leave happier than when you came. This is what All HUmans Beings can do”.

About Nicky



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