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The Shift to 5th Dimension: Reminders for Awakening Angels

These times since December 2012 are all about the choice we are each having to make about whether to continue to live in the old paradigm of fear and drama, of whether to take our own power and choose our own higher calling. 
This book is based on readings focusing on the liberation of self in these times. They are powerful reminders of things that are forgotten and are critical to personal awakening. The chapters stand on their own and are included because they have already helped many move to self-empowerment.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1  Complacency and Inertia
Chapter 2   Disconnecting from the Timeline
Chapter 3    No More Karma 
Chapter 4   From Separation to Self
Chapter 5   The Love Portal
Chapter 6   Self Healing: The Only Healing There Is
Chapter 7   All in it Together
Chapter 8   Liberation from Slavery
Chapter 9   2012 and Beyond
Chapter 10  The Amazing Feeling of Being Human
Chapter 11   The New Reality:Expect the Unexpected
Chapter 12  Wake up You Make a Difference
Chapter 13  Beautiful Human Being
Chapter 14  Making a Difference
Chapter 15  A Truth that Will Set You Free
Chapter 16  Discarding Old Beliefs and Allowing
Chapter 17  On Sharing Your Gifts
Chapter 18  As a Child; Reclaiming You Lost Self
Chapter 19  Step Out of Your Drama Now
Chapter 20 Forgiving Yourself
Chapter 21  Heart of All Things
Chapter 22 Knowing Your Place in Glorious Chaos


Chapter 10    The Amazing Feeling of Being Human

You are the “wayshowers”, lightworkers, angels, gods and goddesses, all Masters, who have come through choice and through your infinite love for all Life, to show the way Home. You are learning, step by step, that there is nowhere you need to reach outside yourself. Home is where the heart is, being in your heart is Home. It requires owning all your feelings, embracing them, honouring them and no longer being afraid to feel what ever you feel. No longer having to project your feeling onto the world, no longer judging your self-worth by what you feel, no longer trying to hide your feelings from others because you are no longer denying the gifts they bring to you, nor afraid that they will overwhelm you. They are in fact your life’s blood. Being human is experiencing the fullness of feeling and the way to your heart is through the full experience of your emotions (energy in motion). Being angelic is being at Home with yourself in  the fullness of being human. 
There is so much to feel on earth, and it’s true that not everything feels good. But even the difficult things are rich experiences for angels. Can you bring your full Self into every experience, no matter what’s going on, because this is why you are here?
Over the years I have heard so much about being on the “spiritual path” and “being spiritual” . Most of it has been very sincere nonsense. The nonsense has not been either the principles or the practices but rather in the whole notion of the separation between being of spirit and being human. This is the old view and it is about time we all grew out of it. As a Divine Being how could you ever be anything but spiritual. Whatever practices you engage in, whatever tenets you follow, are merely the expression of your preferences, the unique expression of you. You could throw them all away and it would make not one iota of difference to the essence of you. It may even be a huge burden lifted.
But being Home, totally, fully and completely with self is what people are essentially desiring to attain.  And for me being fully, and totally, and unselfconsciously human is to experience Oneness and be Divine. Notice the word “unselfconsciously”, having forgotten the little self in the totality of your consciousness. No longer needing to protect yourself from anything, especially, your own judgements of yourself, because everything and anything is welcome .
Your emotions, your thoughts, events of the day, a moment smelling a flower, time standing in a queue, another’s judgement of your actions, a kind word, and unkind word, all are gifts and all the emotions that are generated in these experiences are gifts also. Anger is always the result of, in some way, you having experienced the truth of you being trampled on. You must experience it and express your feeling of “No, No more”. Then there is the wonderful opportunity for you to forgive the other and then forgive yourself for allowing it or judging yourself based on the experience. Joy, or sorrow, laughter or tears nothing is shut out and you discover the flow of who you are. The flow of the New Energy that we are just beginning become aware of.
So the next time you fall into self pity, or depression, or watch a TV incident that makes you feel angry or afraid, or feel like screaming with the judgements others are making or the inane conversations and endless game playing, take your angelic Self with you and feel the emotion of it all. Revel in the feeling. It is being human and it doesn’t matter. It is part of the delicious collage and shut nothing out. Embrace it all. It is why you are here.
And you are a Wayshower. Whatever gifts you have, whatever is your passion take them up fully, own them. Do whatever ‘turns you on”. Find whatever way you can to experience them. Find your way Home to a fuller expression of your joy, for it is through being at Home with yourself, unabashed, that you will show others the way Home. This is the touch of an angel, the touch of Love. To love yourself so much that you honour all that you are, “warts and all”. That you can allow the expression of yourself, without excuse, without justification, just because it is you and you are developing a total trust in being your human self.
You are already Home all you need to do is to own the fullness of feeling of being here now. Abundance and your greatest good is already assured. Life is beautiful, with all its light and darkness, joy and pain, fear and hope, and feeling makes it real.


"Such a Wonderful book! Not only does this book enlighten one it also gives you permission to get out your colored pencils and crayons and color to your heart's content. As your DNA and cellular memory set about making changes within, you can feel a sense of peace as you pick out the color you want to use next on your mandala. My book doesn't sit on a bookshelf since I first read it, but is in a stack of books that I read again. An excellent book and an excellent read filled with wisdom and love!"


- S.Smith

I just LOVE this book! With his beautiful, effortless writing and candid sharing of his own personal journey, Nicky Hamid helped me to INSTANTLY make sense of my often chaotic, outrageous, overwhelming experiences of spiritual awakening so far. I had a wonderful healing experience with creating Mandalas about 5 years ago,and was RE-INSPIRED by this book to begin a whole new mandala journey - now with the knowledge of WHY mandalas work so well in facilitating human growth and transformation. THANK YOU Nicky Hamid, you ROCK!!!


- IshaRa

As I began reading this incredible book, something deep inside me knew I had found the words to my endless questions that had no words to define them. Epiphany, in a word.
My granddaughter was visiting over the Holidays and I read a couple of excerpts to her. I saw the AHA light in her face as she listened. I gave her my book with love.
I promptly ordered two more. One for me and another to pass on to a fellow Light Seeker when the time comes. Thank you Nicky Hamid, We shine


- Shirley Major

I consider this book a Life's Manual. It has helped me to develop consciousness and provided me with all understanding about my life's path. This Spiritual guide has been written by Dr. Hamid in such a simple and understandable language that provides you with all the tools needed to feel empowered to walk your path through life. I am very happy to have come across this book, it has make me Grow.


– Lilliana


The Shift to the 5th Dimension

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