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Humanity Rising:
Journey from Fear and Control to Love and Freedom


  • One who will not let you down.

  • One who sits beside you and reminds you of the best of you when you forget.

  • One who Inspires you.

  • One who always helps you to feel better when things have been tough.


Do you believe a book can do this?

Past readers have given a resounding "YES" to the writings in this book.

“Humanity Rising”  is a magical read, that will lift you higher, especially if you treat it like an "oracle".
Be prepared to discover that you Know far more than you think you do and that you capacity for Love knows no bounds.

As Spiritual Beings, Humans are about to discover  themselves in an entirely  new way.
We,  as Human, have lived under the control of others for far too long and now it is time to set ourselves free through getting to know deeply who we truly are.

“Humanity Rising” takes you through a process of transformation that is self-determined.
​​​​​​​Let this read be an exciting part of your journey to enlightenment.


Humanity is at a crossroads and at a momentous Choice point. To switch the inner Light ON or to remain in the dark, unaware of your own Power.

We live in tumultuous times with the potential to for tremendous personal growth. It is not  so much that we need to learn new things but to rediscover (Remember) who we are and what we are capable of.

Reading and using “Humanity Rising” has the potential to do just. To remind you why you have come here in the first place and to inspire you to Remember and maintain this Knowing.

This book is the first in the “Ascension Reminder Series”. It will give you the experience to Stop Scaring yourself and gain greater confidence in your own inner navigational compass.

Table of Contents 
Sample of 99 Chapters:
Chapter 1: 
The New Energy
Chapter 2: Into the Eye of the Spiral
Chapter 3: Healing and DNA
Chapter 4: How to Create a Mandala
Chapter 5: Operation Open Heart: Get
Out of 
Your Own Way
Chapter 6: Walking My talk: Healing and

Chapter 7: Blueprint for Change: Mandala
Activation Programme

Chapter 8: Creation Codes and Applications
Chapter 8: Creation Codes and Applications 
Chapter 8: Creation Codes and Applications
Chapter 8: 
Creation Codes and Applications


"There is absolutely nothing or no one out there who wants to bring you down. To teach you a lesson, to find your faults. Oh no.

In fact the reverse is your Truth.

Everything, but everything, put in front of you is conspiring to bring you your highest, clearest, brightest reflection and experience of who you really are.

Do you get it?

You are the Creator, the Inviter, the Director, Producer , the Actor and Audience of it all. You are the GIVER. You are the RECEIVER. And You are the GIFT.

You are the Presence. You are the Presenter. And You are the PRESENT.

It is really time to now totally TRUST yourself.

Drop all the old mental mind Loops. Step into the Flow bravely, and watch everything fit perfectly together in every way possible.

Nothing will be left out.

Congratulations, welcome Home.

You are So Loved


PS: Count on your Smile, your Shine, the Christed Light that is of your core Heart (the DIivinity of SELF). Its Light touches everyone whether you see the results or not.

Perhaps this is the major reason we are here. Not to change others but to simply, honestly and Lovingly experience More YOU as WE, and to see how the magic of Shine brings life and connects everything as ONE.

HUmanity is Rising.


Irritation, grumpy, anger bouts are a widespread experience in these times.
Just maybe stamping around with your anger, swearing and shouting and then coming to "No more" may be more helpful than continually trying to suppress what is naturally arising?. And this is best done out of earshot so that inadvertently another will not take it on, or you both become embroiled in another meaningless drama.
We have done more harm to ourselves by trying to bottle it and cover it with some “goody, goody two shoes” spiritual ideal and “poofery”.
Doing this, getting it out, then feeling the truth of the wrath of "No more" holding back myTruth. Not the truth of the story or events that have tiggered  it  but the bodily and TRUTH Feeling of it.  Then Knowing and Compassion will flow more easily for All.
It is so OK to feel what you feel. Just learning to take it further and see the strength and power and Love of you that lays beneath/beyond/within, will take a while to get the hang of it.
I Love You, and to me you are just fine. It is all about you discovering your power and a new depth of of who you ARE. And it is scary to let yourself go after all this time because there have been so many judgement and fear laid upon you if you do.

And the truth about this anger is that it is not a power “over” but a power “within”. And when you truly discover this you will never feel the need to manipulate, control, or ‘kowtow’ to another.
None of us are helpless and when we feel the sadness of being helpless then it is time to (get up off our arse), take back our power to create….to Love. That is, unless you enjoy being a miserable wretch.
The unkind lie we sucked ourselves into is that our thoughts and our emotions are not ours to have dominion over. This is utter BS.........No Elephant S.
However, the wisdom is in the discernment of knowing what is yours and what is not. And you will never know this unless you own the energy of your own “anger” (power) feelings and learn to befriend them. Learn to take your Will, your strength, your Truth in the knowledge of the awesome power of your Lovingness and never again fall into the victimhood that says that any other has dominion over any of your Chi, your Life Force.



Humanity Rising is a playful, creative, joyful way to traverse these challenging and birthing times.  This book is a jewel, a gem and works just as it says it will, meaning you will read the chapter that most resonates, affirm a situation or gives more clarity for what is happening in your life at the right moment.  Clearly written, easy to understand, each word deliberate, each chapter a diamond, shining light on the subject written expanding more awareness within that then empowers you to a more joyful response to life.  It felt like each chapter was an activation on its own.  You could read it over and over again and the more you read it the more gems arose.  I loved the PS (post scripts at the end of each chapter) offering a way to integrate its truth and love into life. Certainly touched my heart!  A book for the ages  - Joanne (Australia)

As I began reading this incredible book, something deep inside me knew I had found the words to my endless questions that had no words to define them. Epiphany, in a word.
My granddaughter was visiting over the Holidays and I read a couple of excerpts to her. I saw the AHA light in her face as she listened. I gave her my book with love.
I promptly ordered two more. One for me and another to pass on to a fellow Light Seeker when the time comes. Thank you Nicky Hamid, We shine

- Shirley (UK)

I consider this book a Life's Manual. It has helped me to develop consciousness and provided me with all understanding about my life's path. This Spiritual guide has been written by Dr. Hamid in such a simple and understandable language that provides you with all the tools needed to feel empowered to walk your path through life. I am very happy to have come across this book, it has make me Grow.

Lilliana (USA)

Humanity Rising: Journey from Fear and Control
to Love and Freedom


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