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All You Can Be:

Empowering Awakening Angels

A monumental transformation is taking place in the consciousness of all humankind. "All You Can Be" describes how we are experiencing this deep rooted revolution in the very nature of ourselves and our reality. It outlines the widespread symptoms of this transformation and the extraordinary new potential for growth in awareness and creative expression. It traces an expanded view of our origin and nature and points to the new base of knowledge and empowerment being firmly anchored in an intuitive, and heart felt guidance system. Nicky gives many simple practical tools that will aide the reader in their transition.

Table of Contents 

Chapter 1    The Great Change
Chapter 2    A New Point of View
Chapter 3    Your  Origin and Nature
Chapter 4    Your Human Past
Chapter 5    Your Present Experience
Chapter 6    Four Pillars of Enlightenment
Chapter 7    Field and Form
Chapter 8    Knowing and Healing
Chapter 9    Being at Home: Connecting to Earth
Chapter 10  Belonging : Connecting to Family
Chapter 11  Taking Your Own Power
Chapter 12  The Power of Your Passion
Chapter 13  The Power of Gratitude and Forgiveness
Chapter 14  The Power of Intention
Chapter 15  The Power of Touch

Chapter 16  Unlimited Potential of Your Becoming


Chapter 1 - The Great Change 
Deep discontent with what is happening
​Something profound is happening to us all. Something has been stirring in the heart of humanity for a very long time and as we move further into the 21st century something radical, profound and often scary is happening to everyone. It is as though the very core of us has been shaken loose and there is a continual and persistent call within that things are not right. The world is going mad and it often feels like the ship is sinking. We are experiencing a deep discontent and though we may be able to gain temporary relief in some activities, nothing seems to last or satisfy this feeling of lack and being unfulfilled.
There is a deep yearning within you for a happiness which is more lasting and authentic as you are constantly being made aware the deep gulf between the you that you want to be and the you that is living in the world at this time. You are aware, of a disturbing difference between the role you are playing with others in your life and the real self that you feel privately inside you. It is like being only half alive and sometimes like you are looking at life through a tunnel or a murky screen. There is an unstoppable, painful pull to express the feelings that will release you from the prison of the world of your past and the past of humankind. 
Somehow you know instinctively that the world that you are experiencing, particularly the world of people, is not the way it is supposed to be. Surely there is another way. Why don’t others see it? Why is there so much hate and violence, pain and despair? There has to be another way. Where can I find it? How can I break free when there are so many things holding me back? How can my world change for the better when there is so much wrong with it?  Being only one person I am powerless to make any real difference? Where would I start even if I could?  These questions are very real and if they express your sentiments you are not alone. 

Everything is in a state of change and everyone on this planet, at there own level of awareness and understanding, is feeling this pressure. The world we thought we knew is in a state of change and is being turned upside down. Nothing seems reliable or stable anymore. It is as if the world is wobbling, and you along with it.

You may have thought about, or have activated, or have recently changed your job, where you live, a major relationship with another, or have had to have a major rethink from an illness, injury or death to a loved one or friend.  These changes have required you to reassess where you are going and what you want in your life. Frequently, however, you will be left with the feeling that even though the changes in your life have been beneficial that they are not over, and an unsettled feeling of “unfinished business” remains.


I absolutely love this book! It makes perfect sense, easy to read and understand and resonates with my heart and soul as to be true. I am very grateful to the author for taking the time and effort to share these powerful affirmations with the planet... Namaste!

Nan Collins

As I began reading this incredible book, something deep inside me knew I had found the words to my endless questions that had no words to define them. Epiphany, in a word.
My granddaughter was visiting over the Holidays and I read a couple of excerpts to her. I saw the AHA light in her face as she listened. I gave her my book with love.
I promptly ordered two more. One for me and another to pass on to a fellow Light Seeker when the time comes. Thank you Nicky Hamid, We shine


- Shirley Major

I consider this book a Life's Manual. It has helped me to develop consciousness and provided me with all understanding about my life's path. This Spiritual guide has been written by Dr. Hamid in such a simple and understandable language that provides you with all the tools needed to feel empowered to walk your path through life. I am very happy to have come across this book, it has make me Grow.


– Lilliana


All You Can Be: Empowering Awakening Angels

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