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Transformational Books


This little book expresses the view that every experience in everyday life has meaning, especially with regards to the nature of who we are and how we find ourselves at the present time. A proper understanding of our own nature and growth is seen as the major key towards treading a path through life of peace and joy. This path is obtainable right now, but it must unfold in a natural and balanced way. Therefore, the way in which we view ourselves must also be one that reflects a true image of what we really are. Simply with Meaning describes a way of looking at life and some of the initial stages of beginning to attain the peace in life we so fervently yearn for.

Simply with Meaning is a series of readings and that have provided a transformatory experience for the many hundreds of people.

Freeing the Spirit:

 Moving From Mind to Heart Centred Living


The series of essays was designed to help those fairly new to broaden view of their life and their spirituality, to navigate themselves towards a fuller richer understand of themselves. It provides simple clues to everyones inner power to change towards a happier and more fulfilling life. 
Hundreds of past readers have found the works insightful and directly beneficial to them in simplifying their life and easing there experience of the confusing times we are now moving through
The book is an ideal bedside reader which will lift the spirits, and the chapters can be read in any order.

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