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Quantum Self Healing:

The Power of Coloring Mandalas

Quantum Self Healing outlines a revolutionary method for healing and transformation. The author, through his vision, and years of working with people creating and generating personal mandalas brings you a modality whereby you can simply and instantaneously connect with your new DNA and build a resonance with your cellular memory and thus make changes physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually towards balance and wellness. 

Nicky includes an account of his own, rather miraculous, healing journey, through chronic fatigue, immune breakdown, and cancer to wellbeing through the use of mandalas. The method described requires little or no prior knowledge and is very easy and enjoyable to engage in.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The New Energy
Chapter 2: Into the Eye of the Spiral
Chapter 3: Healing and DNA
Chapter 4: How to Create a Mandala
Chapter 5: Operation Open Heart: Get Out of Your Own Way
Chapter 6: Walking My talk: Healing and Believing
Chapter 7: Blueprint for Change: Mandala Activation Programme
Chapter 8: Creation Codes and Applications

I just LOVE this book! With his beautiful, effortless writing and candid sharing of his own personal journey, Nicky Hamid helped me to INSTANTLY make sense of my often chaotic, outrageous, overwhelming experiences of spiritual awakening so far. I had a wonderful healing experience with creating Mandalas about 5 years ago,and was RE-INSPIRED by this book to begin a whole new mandala journey - now with the knowledge of WHY mandalas work so well in facilitating human growth and transformation. THANK YOU Nicky Hamid, you ROCK!!!


- IshaRa

"Such a Wonderful book! Not only does this book enlighten one it also gives you permission to get out your colored pencils and crayons and color to your heart's content. As your DNA and cellular memory set about making changes within, you can feel a sense of peace as you pick out the color you want to use next on your mandala. My book doesn't sit on a bookshelf since I first read it, but is in a stack of books that I read again. An excellent book and an excellent read filled with wisdom and love!"


- S.Smith

"Our e​nergy has got stuck, and blocked the flow of life force. We have resisted change, have been afraid of it, afraid of the unknown. You may have felt many times that you needed to make a change in your life but somehow always come up against a wall. Often you make attempts to change but in one way or another you have met discouragement, and fall back into lethargy, blaming either yourself for some lack, or others for lack of support. The good news is that there is a way out and it is very simple.

The Chinese have a saying “The best way to avoid evil is to make energetic progress in the good”. What is meant is that if you want to change from a “bad” habit, in this case lack of movement in the direction you would prefer to go, that is, towards wellbeing, then you need to put some energy into the direction you want to go. So in our case I am saying it will benefit you to allowing mandalas to befriend you and you to befriend them, because they will move you into the comfort of movement, expansion, and change."


As I began reading this incredible book, something deep inside me knew I had found the words to my endless questions that had no words to define them. Epiphany, in a word.
My granddaughter was visiting over the Holidays and I read a couple of excerpts to her. I saw the AHA light in her face as she listened. I gave her my book with love.
I promptly ordered two more. One for me and another to pass on to a fellow Light Seeker when the time comes. Thank you Nicky Hamid, We shine


- Shirley Major

I consider this book a Life's Manual. It has helped me to develop consciousness and provided me with all understanding about my life's path. This Spiritual guide has been written by Dr. Hamid in such a simple and understandable language that provides you with all the tools needed to feel empowered to walk your path through life. I am very happy to have come across this book, it has make me Grow.


– Lilliana

"A mandala, therefore, is so much more than a circular coloured pattern. In its simplest form it starts with the central dot. A point that is infinitely “small”, whose boundaries spiral as it is amplified into infinitely large, and at any point in that expansion it can be defined as a circle. In the drawing of a mandala we are immediately drawn into, or ‘entrained’, to these infinities of knowing and realization. One spiraling out in expansion from the central point and one spiraling in from the circumference."

"Since completing my first journey with colouring mandalas I have conducted a number of group and individual sessions. The results and repercussions for participants have been many and varied. Some reporting, immediately following their session, heavy fatigue followed by a long, deep, relaxing sleep and waking totally refreshed. Others feeling head pressure and headache followed the next day by distinct feelings of freedom and joy, while others were fatigued for two or three days needing more rest than usual. Still others have found a problem that had been perplexing them was suddenly resolved either during or subsequent to their session. Most find the colouring enjoyable, absorbing, and even addictive."


Quantum Self Healing: The Power of Coloring Mandalas

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